On the right you will find project worksheets which is the first stage of development at Louder Than Words Design. They are meant to help gather information for your project, and to further the design and development process. By answering the specific questions within a worksheet, you will help me craft an estimate that meets your needs. I've got questions and you've got answers. So, lets get started...

The Process...
Project Worksheets...
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Step 1 - Discuss
I start off the project by reviewing your project worksheet and discussing all the details with you. I believe the best way to reach your goal is to understand your company from the inside out. We'll go over your goals and styles you like to bring your project to life.
Step 2 - Design
Next, I'll take everything learned in the planning stage and start the design process on your project. The design is rendered into a digital format and ready to be presented to you. The project goes through further revisions based on your feedback.
Step 3 - Develop
After we have the look and feel for the project, we will dive right into the complicated stuff (if it's a web project) and begin the coding and functionality. Careful attention and detail is given to every line of code as your site begins to take shape.
Step 4 - Launch
For print projects, this is the phase you get all the files needed for your printer. Or if you'd prefer, I can print your project and have the goods arrive on your doorstep. For web projects, this is the phase where your website is now ready for the world. After the launch, provided support is available if you desire it.